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  • Kori D. Miller

    Kori D. Miller

    I’m a habit change aficionado, facilitator, and coach who loves helping others achieve their goals one bite-size step at a time. kori@ardentpath.com

  • Chloe Condon

    Chloe Condon

    Musical theatre actress turned developer evangelist.

  • David Byttow

    David Byttow

    Engineer by trade, artist at heart

  • Matter


    We make stuff.

  • Margaux Pelen

    Margaux Pelen

    Chief Operating Officer at CodeControl.io, the best on-demand freelance talent platform.

  • Rob Waters

    Rob Waters

    I’m a journalist based in Oakland. I write about health, science, social justice, urban affairs and travel. Father of 1. From Detroit.

  • Roxane Gay

    Roxane Gay

    I write. I want a tiny baby elephant. If you clap, I clap back. Books.: Ayiti, Untamed State, Bad Feminist. Difficult Women, World of Wakanda 1–5, Hunger.

  • Stephen Gillett

    Stephen Gillett

    Father and Gamer. Founder, Entrepreneur, Operator and Amazon Best Selling Author. Executive Advisor. Investor. Go Ducks! جلاد

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